Instructions for use of the Treadmill Maximizer:

Congratulations on purchasing the Treadmill Maximizer, an innovation that will change your treadmill workouts forever! It will stabilize you on the treadmill, which allows you to increase the incline and or speed and will burn more calories and build more muscles.

1) Stand on the side rails of the treadmill.

2) Slide the Treadmill Maximizer over your head.

3) Make sure that the support is in the small of your back.

4) Cinch the slider to your abdomen.

5) Attach the Emergency quick stop key to your clothing.

6) Place one strap over the handle bar and pull it under the bar.

7) Attach the carabiner/hook to the opening of the same strap.

8) Make sure that the carabiner is fully locked.

9) Repeat steps 5, 6, & 7 with the other strap.

10) Allow the belt to start moving at a slow speed.

11) Step off the side rails and onto the belt.

12) Lean slightly backward into the Treadmill Maximizer so it absorbs some of your bodyweight.

13) Increase your speed to the desired level.

14) Increase your incline to the desired level.

15) Enjoy your workout!