Why Treadmill Max TM;

The Treadmill MaxTM Treadmill Stability Belt instantly gives you the confidence to run, jog or walk at a higher speed and steeper incline to enhance the benefits of your workout.

Improve your posture and comfort while maximizing treadmill effectiveness with The Treadmill MaxTM

The Treadmill MaxTM  Stability Belt




Your treadmill is great exercise. But you don’t always feel stable when you run, jog, or walk on it — and that affects the quality of your workout. That’s all about to change. Treadmill MaximizerTM is a stability belt designed specifically for use with any treadmill. Treadmill Maximizer can improve your posture and comfort while exercising and help you increase your speed and incline angle. Get stable and enhance the benefits of your workout with Treadmill Maximizer!

Easy. Efficient. Effective.

Wear the Treadmill MaximizerTM around your lower back and attach it to your treadmill according to the simple instructions included in the package. Run, jog, or walk and you’ll immediately notice improved stability that increases your confidence, comfort, speed, and incline. You’ll wonder how you ever worked out without Treadmill Maximizer!